We offer a strong combination of academic backgrounds and expertise.

The MediSums Difference

Our name says it all. We are experts in summarizing medical records. Your medical records will be summarized by licensed doctors and legal nurses. With a highly credentialed team of experts, we provide unparalleled support to the legal and insurance industry through consultation on medical issues.

Chere B. Estrin - CEO

We act as collaborators and behind-the-scene consultants in all areas of litigation and can render opinions on standard of care, healthcare delivery and outcomes.

About MediSums

Trial or settlement requires strict deadlines you must meet as efficiently as possible. When you are juggling voluminous files, keeping track of your client's medical records can turn the simplest case into a complex one.

MediSums is an economical service providing summaries prepared by licensed doctors and legal nurses of your patient's Electronic Health Records (EHR) in a chronological, single, easy-to-browse, easy-to-understand view. It will give you an up-to-date status of a patient's current medical situation as well as relevant highlights of a patient's medical records.

MediSums Offers You


Doctors and nurses prepare your medical records and can give you expert medical opinions.


We work closely with you to deliver the right information so you can determine the direction of the case.


Our reviews contain accurate documentation of the treatments performed based upon the medical records.


We can highlight core details that will help lawyers determine whether a medical case is worth defending.


We strongly assure you that the patient’s personal information is protected and kept confidential.


MediSums will deliver chronologies and narrative summaries in your preferred format or you can use ours.


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MediSums provides service to AmLaw 100 law firms


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President's Statement

Allen Brody

Our collaborative approach means input from skilled specialists in every applicable discipline. Our core strengths and values place us at the forefront of the medical-legal community. Our MediSums team consists of only the most credentialed and talented professionals to work on your cases. Our services are performed by experienced medical professionals such as licensed doctors and Legal Nurses. We offer a strong combination of excellent academic backgrounds and expertise.

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